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No Code Query

Google search for internal databases. Our users can interact with databases in plain English

Sivasankar Kandasamy

  • Project Description

    During my marketing days, I faced delays in getting data insights as my analysts were always occupied with backlogs and this meant critical projects weren’t always launched on time. Ishant, the AI expert, came up with an idea to use AI to solve this problem. The solution was very interesting leading us to launch our AI product - No Code Query. Our product is aimed at business users in enterprises and helps them interact with their databases in plain English eliminating their dependency on data analysts to complete their minor yet frequent requests. The market opportunity for this tool is growing at a gigantic pace. Data analytics is one of the most in-demand jobs in the US with an 11% forecasted growth annually over the next five years. With the ubiquitous shortage of STEM professionals, 30% of these analyst roles will go unfulfilled. On the other hand, existing data analysts are bogged down by minor ad-hoc requests from business users. These translate into a current market potential of $22B (25% of 1M analysts’ time at $90k average annual salary). Our AI will not only be a rescuing force but also a time minimizer by eliminating the need for analysts in the process. Our product will take natural language commands from the business users, convert them into a querying language, run them on the customers’ databases, and fetch the information, almost instantly, allowing the users to move ahead with business process design at a much faster pace without blockades.
    No Code Query
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    In the next five years, the demand for data analyst roles will grow by 700k in the US alone with the supply projected to be 30% below the demand. Nearly 25% of a data analyst’s time is spent on fulfilling ad hoc requests. The competence level of AI in the market has also evolved to convert natural language to querying languages at much greater accuracy and speed rivaling experienced data analysts. All three factors combined together provide a strong tailwind for us. Now is the right time for us to build our AI to take care of the ad hoc requests, relieve valuable time for data analysts, and hence solve the supply gap. We believe our value proposition will be a strong problem solver for enterprise businesses in their data analytics arsenal.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    Our product will be serving an evolving blue ocean market. We have put together one of the world’s best AI technologies for our product’s Natural Language processing capabilities. As we are one of the earliest products to solve this problem, our product evolution through early customer feedback will maintain our competitive advantage over newcomers. We also deploy the best security and privacy practices for our customers’ data. In fact, our setup doesn’t even require visibility into the customers' data enabling better customer trust in us. The existing substitute products in the market typically serve the analyst persona and have hardly scratched the use cases for the business user persona that we are targeting.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    Our MVP is ready to be deployed. In line with our product and financial goals, in the next quarter, we want to onboard five enterprise customers as beta testers. We want to offer our product free of charge to these customers and collect their feedback which is critical to the evolution of our AI to handle complex business queries. We have planned our public launch of our AI towards the end of 2021 after completing the improvements realized from our beta trial. $10k will help us focus on customer feedback and product improvements during our beta trials by taking care of our infrastructure costs, customer support, and product development expenditures without the need for additional fundraising during the beta testing phase